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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pink Stitches Like WOAH!

Can you believe my excitement a few weeks back when I saw *MY* number randomly chosen as a winner! I may have peed my pants a little! =)

Let me show you why I was so excited! I won the motherload of goodies from Bonnie over at Pink Stitches!

 I waited impatiently patiently for the mail-person to come and ran to my mail box! I could barely contain my excitement! I took this picture as fast as I could so I could rip the package open! 

I love this pink damask tote! It's surprisingly soft and kinda thick.. like I want to crawl inside it and take a nap! 

I also won this adorable assortment of bows!  I'm going to keep a few for myself and give a few to my neice! We can be bow buddies! 

Check out this change purse! This is going to get a lot of good use! I love how Bonnie uses crazy contrasting colors on all of her items! Such a fun punch of color! 

I would also like to take this moment to say Kudos to all you Etsy folks! You sure can take some nice pictures! I was literally standing on my kitchen chair trying to get pictures of some of these items, and I fumbled through trying to take pictures of the inside of the items! These off-centered, blurred pics are the best I could get! =)

This sunglasses case  is PIMP! I love all the colors!




Definately beats the funky free case I have now! I love the little sweet owl in the bottom left corner!

These are just a few more sweet items in her Etsy shop:

Hellen Bag- PicnicSunglasses Scrappy Pouch- Think Pink
Hellen Bag- orangeBow Hair Clips- blue/orange

So THANK YOU Bonnie for my super awesome things!  I hope you all get a chance to check our her Etsy Shop and her blog! She is crazy talented and incredibly sweet! If we weren't states away we'd be real-life buddies! For now we'll just have to be blogland buddies! =)

This week is finals week, so I may be absent for a little bit, but you better believe I have a ton of projects lined up for my break!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Place for My Makeup!

I was so excited last week when I found out I had won a giveaway from Hanna @ Bouffe e Bambini!

Hanna was hosting a giveaway for Celine from Blue Calla!

I won an adorable cosmetic bag and I was super giddy when it arrived today!

 I've never had a real cosmetic bag before! I'm ready to travel so I can put it to good use!

Finally, a place for my makeup!

Thank you so much Hanna and Celine!! I love my cosmetic bag!

Pillow Cover in Aromatherapy in Seafoam - 16x16
Hobo Tote Bag in Sparrows in Pink - Ready to ship

Here are some more of Celine's items:

Zipper Pouch in Larkspur Meadow in Brite - ready to ship

And I can't figure out for the life
of my why I always leave
 Bouffe e Bambini hungry!

Be sure to check these ladies out! They're great!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Old As Dirt!

I started this antique desk a MONTH ago and I finally finished it! LOL! It was grouped in with my massive load of ambitious projects over my Spring Break, and I just had to let it wait. The previous owners weren't sure exactly how old this is, but they think 1920's/1930's.

This is about the best I can do for a before shot.  It was a gorgeous desk, just pretty beat up.

I don't know the color name because it isn't printed on the can, but it was a pretty yellow from Lowes.  I flipped the desk over about half way through so I could get the inside and lower parts easier.

Similar to how I did The Pink Lady, I cut out a harlequin stencil from cardstock.  This time, however, I used painter's tape to apply it to the desk, and I made an actual stencil rather than a bunch of diamonds.

In order to get the color I wanted I mixed a little paint from my $5 wall art and my yellow office chair.

I would then pull up my stencil and overlap the bottom diamond on the stencil with the uppermost diamond that I painted.

Here it is halfway finished:

Then all the way finished:

After the paint dried I distressed the crap out of the whole piece.

I wanted this desk to look old, dirty and beat up. Mission accomplished! It almost looks like it needs to be cleaned! LOL!  I antiqued the desk with my Minwax Dark Walnut stain, then covered the desk with poly.

I'm undecided as to how I feel about the back and sides.  I typically use darker colors so the stain isn't as pronounced.  I wanted the desk to look old and worn, but I'm not sure that I'm in love with how the big blank spots look. I guess the back will probably be up against a wall anyway.

I adore the hardware!

I love the little chunky legs too!

I like the subdued look of the harlequin pattern and how it looks worn.

I'm going to put this baby on Craigslist once the poly completely cures.. keeping my fingers crossed! =)

I hope everyone has a 'hoppy' Easter weekend! ;)


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pretty in Pink Silent Auction for Susan G. Komen!

Hey friends! I wanted to tell you all about an exciting silent auction that is going on over @ Primitive and Proper!


I'm sure by now you all have seen posts about the new Annie Sloan Chalk paint!  It is the latest rave in blogland and boy I can't wait to try it out for myself!  Well, a few weeks ago one of the stockists for Annie Sloan Chalk pain contacted Cassie at Primitive and Proper.  She wanted to send Cassie a can of Henrietta, a soft pink, to paint an item for a silent acution!


The stockist has a neighbor who has been battling breast cancer for years, so this a cause close to her heart!  Of course Cassie agreed and painted an adorable vaity!


Cassie chose this vanity because it can easily be disassembled and delivered via UPS!

Here is what Cassie said about the auction:

"Here are the specifics:  This vanity measures 34"w x 29.5"h x 18"d.  It is made of pine, and very rustic, painted a soft pink and given a distressed finish.  Shipping will be $40 (if it costs less than that, I will reimburse the difference, and if it costs more than that, I will cover it.)  To place a bid on this piece, email me at  Opening bid is $25, and I will keep bidding open through Tuesday, April 26th at 8 pm EST, and I will update each day as bids come in so that you will know what the highest bid is up to."

She is asking that we spread the word about this silent auction, as it is for a good cause!  Be sure to keep checking back with Cassie at Primitive and Proper to stay updated on the auction!