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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Highlights - Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! It's so hard to believe that we are almost ready for 2013!
This year I did not do nearly as many DIY Christmas gifts as I did last year.  I had intended to do much more, but due to horrible planning I had to go with more store bought gifts.
One DIY gift I did get to do were these adorable glitter wine glasses!  I followed the tutorial from Inspire Design and Create!  I made these for Christmas at Mom's house so everyone could tell which glass was their's!  Mine is the hot pink one!
I bought the glasses at The Dollar Tree and use Martha Stewart glitter (used my 50% off coupon)!
I also followed the many tutorials online to make some glitter ornaments!  I made these for our dirty ornament swap at work, then I made some to attach to all my presents.
What type of DIY items did you make this Christmas??
Now I have a list of my ten favorite (not necessarily most popular) posts of 2012!
Wishing you all a Happy 2013!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Burlap Tree Skirt!

Can you believe Christmas is only a little over one week away?!  This gal needs about three more weeks to finish shopping, crafting and wrapping!  At least we finally got our Christmas tree up and decorated!
Last year I whipped up a tree skirt that was horrifying.  It served its purpose, but I threw it out once we took the tree down.  This year I decided to make a tree skirt that I actually planned out and worked hard on.  I originally wanted to make a more modern looking tree skirt. 
During my search I stumbled across this felt fringe tree skirt by Prudent Baby.  I had every intention of making this.  I went to the fabric store and paced the felt aisle.  I pulled colors down, put them up, and pulled more down.  Eventually I broke into a sweat, and unable to make a decision I stumbled into the burlap bin.  Burlap it was!
There are tons of tutorials about how to make a ruffled tree skirt.  I went the sewing route after realizing what an absurdly long time it would take to go the hot glue gun route.
Here she is!
I used two yards of burlap.  It's only $4/yard and it was on sale for 25% off, so the tree skirt cost me $12.
I left the top ruffle with a rough edge and used a contrasting colored zig-zag stitch.
I chose the layers I did due to the amount of fabric I had.  I used the lighter burlap as the base, so I had more of the darker burlap to make more layers.
I finally managed to get some presents wrapped too!
I love using the brown packaging paper from The Dollar Tree.  It allows such a simplistic but pretty look.  This year I'm using red tulle to wrap.  The tags were made using scrapbook paper and a paper cutter I got at Michaels.
Now it feels a little more like Christmas around here!
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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Winter Wonderland Pom Pom Garland!

It's officialy December folks! Let the Christmas rush begin!
I knocked out some Christmas shopping this weekend and I've been snatching up great deals as they appear on GroupDealz.  Love that site! If you're not signed up you should be!!
After I finished my Winter Wreath I decided to finally upgrade my pseudo mantel.  It was still decorated from Spring, and I fully intended to make a fall decor but obviously that didn't happen!
I've seen a lot of yarn pom poms and wanted to try them out, so I used this yarn pom pom tutorial and went to work!
I love how it turned out!
I worked on it while I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - awesome movie that I had forgetten about!
The colors I  used remind me of a wintry wonderland.
I want to make pom  pom garland for everything now!!  It's so fun to work with, and so cheap!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cheers - A Winter Wreath!

Now that Thanksgiving is over we are officially allowed to begin celebrating the winter holidays in the Harris household (it is strictly forbidden before Thanksgiving)!  I don't like making a wreath dedicated to one particular holiday because I usually don't have the time to make one for each holiday, so I made one that would last me through Christmas and late winter!
The hubby and I were browsing all the ornaments at Target last night and we came across these adorable bird ornaments that sparked my idea for this wreath!
I grabbed MyColor™ inspired by Pantone® paint in Ocean Depths, the same color I used on my accessory station, some leftover burlap and a frame I had in the garage.
Originally I had thought about doing a circle wreath, but I decided to go a less traditional route.
I painted the frame with just one coat of paint.  I absolutely adore how this paint covers.  I don't even have to distress it to get a worn out look.
I then used my leftover burlap, hot glue, and some letter stamps I got for $1 at Target to make the "cheers" banner.  I simply hot glued the banner to the back of the frame.
The hubby helped me pick out the bird ornaments - he says the bird with the hat is the boy bird and the bird with the scarf is the girl bird.  Hahaha!  I hot glued them together, then glued them to the frame.
Lastly I added a burlap ribbon to the top and some felt to the back to keep the frame from scratching up our door.  Simple, but cute!
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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Shabby Chic to Bohemian Chic - Coffe Table Tray!

Almost two years ago I found this old coca cola crate at an antique store in Columbia. 
At first I didn't know what to do with it.  Eventually I knocked out the center pieces and spray painted it white.  I tossed it on my coffee table and I've been using it to store magazines and my remotes ever since.
It wasn't horrible, but I didn't really love it.  A few weeks ago I was browsing pinterest and came upon this image from Noi Publishing:
Instantly I was drawn to the hot pink - I knew what I wanted to do!
I started by painting the inside with Valspar's Very Berry:
Once it dried I painted the outside and details with my favorite metallic paint - I bought it at Michael's almost a year ago.  The color is Emporer's Gold and I've used it on my curio to accessory station update, my TV tray update, and the CREATE letters in my craft room.  This stuff is basically the bee's knees!!
I moved a ton of my magazines and now I have a fancy little space to store magazines, my TV remotes, coasters, and a delicious smelling candle (Island Moonlight, you can find it at Target)!
Here you can see where I painted inside the handles and the cracks in between the bottom panels with gold!
I love how it looks both modern and bohemian!
I think the gold and hot pink look perfect together!
I hope you all are enjoying your weekend so far!
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