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Friday, April 8, 2011

'Tis the Season...

For yardsaling that is!  I finally got to go this morning!  I suggested going in passing last night, and not only did the hubby not object, he kinda sounded excited about it!

Before I show you my treasures though, you get to see some of my flowers! I went to the most awesome flower store ever and bought some little beauties!  I want to buy a thousand more!

I can't remember if these are petunias or what.  Either way, I can't wait for them to completely bloom!  Check out those bizarre flowers on the left!  Aren't they the coolest things you've ever seen!

I love my big pot!  It's going to look awesome when everything is blooming!

My azalea on the front porch is going crazy!

I finally replaced my dead plant on the back porch too!  Hopefully it will grow pretty quicly.. it looks so little right now in comparison to the pot!

Now onto my yardsale treasures!

I found this little planter for $2! I love it as is:

Next I found some crazy cans.

WHAT? Who on earth would pay $1.50 for that? Not this girl! But, I did pay this:

Yes. That is $1 for a full bag of custom paint mix-paint cans!  Beats having to buy paint cans or save vegatable cans.  And I can re-seal these! Don't worry, they're perfectly clean on the inside!

Now this is my favorite.  I walked past it once without even seeing it.  As soon as I saw it I got real protective of it and made a bee-line for it.  It had to be mine.  I would have donkey-kicked someone over it!

Oh the possibilities!  Look at the sweet handle:

My favorite part?

Yeah buddy! This door is HEAVY and in great shape!  I can't wait to fix it up and put it somewhere!

Here is what I'm about to start working on:

Don't worry my friends! You'll get to see that tomorrow!  I know you can hardly stand yourself!



  1. Oh, that door is BEAUTIFUL! What a great find. I want to go yard-sale-ing...except it is snowing and 34 degrees here!
    Thanks for visiting Red Hen Home!

  2. Fun! Craigslist finds have been not good lately, so I'm hoping for a good garage sale soon! :)


  4. Love your door. The handle looks like mine and I was told it is the original handle and my house is 101 years old. Can't wait to see what you do!

  5. I luv the fact you would 'donkey kick' someone for the door! You made me laugh, cant wait to see what you do with it!

    HoP over to my blog sometime, I'd luv to have you...


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