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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pink Stitches Like WOAH!

Can you believe my excitement a few weeks back when I saw *MY* number randomly chosen as a winner! I may have peed my pants a little! =)

Let me show you why I was so excited! I won the motherload of goodies from Bonnie over at Pink Stitches!

 I waited impatiently patiently for the mail-person to come and ran to my mail box! I could barely contain my excitement! I took this picture as fast as I could so I could rip the package open! 

I love this pink damask tote! It's surprisingly soft and kinda thick.. like I want to crawl inside it and take a nap! 

I also won this adorable assortment of bows!  I'm going to keep a few for myself and give a few to my neice! We can be bow buddies! 

Check out this change purse! This is going to get a lot of good use! I love how Bonnie uses crazy contrasting colors on all of her items! Such a fun punch of color! 

I would also like to take this moment to say Kudos to all you Etsy folks! You sure can take some nice pictures! I was literally standing on my kitchen chair trying to get pictures of some of these items, and I fumbled through trying to take pictures of the inside of the items! These off-centered, blurred pics are the best I could get! =)

This sunglasses case  is PIMP! I love all the colors!




Definately beats the funky free case I have now! I love the little sweet owl in the bottom left corner!

These are just a few more sweet items in her Etsy shop:

Hellen Bag- PicnicSunglasses Scrappy Pouch- Think Pink
Hellen Bag- orangeBow Hair Clips- blue/orange

So THANK YOU Bonnie for my super awesome things!  I hope you all get a chance to check our her Etsy Shop and her blog! She is crazy talented and incredibly sweet! If we weren't states away we'd be real-life buddies! For now we'll just have to be blogland buddies! =)

This week is finals week, so I may be absent for a little bit, but you better believe I have a ton of projects lined up for my break!



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