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Sunday, June 23, 2013

DIY Patio Table With Interchangeable Centerpiece!

I'm sure you've all seen that amazing table on pinterest - the one with the gutter down the center stuffed full of ice and wine?  I'm kind of obsessed with it.  So I made my own version... with a little twist.

You may remember the t-shaped desktop I made at the old house:
Custom Desktop

When we moved into our new home I didn't have the right space to reassemble my desk, so the long part became a workspace in the garage, and the short part became the top of my new patio table.

I don't have many progress shots because I was working alone, but here is how I created my table.

First, I made a frame measured to fit the table top.  Once assembled, I laid out the boards from my old desktop, ensured they were mostly straight, and screwed them directly into the frame.

Originally I wanted to have a gutter for my cooler like the inspiration table, but I couldn't find the right materials.  I came across this big plastic planter at Lowes and decided to make it work.  Initially I planned on just buying one and leaving the empty bowl in the table, but it looked ugly.  That's when I decided to buy a second planter and put succulents in it!

I made the hole for the planter by placing the planter upside down on the table top.  After ensuring it was centered I traced it out with pencil.  I used my jigsaw to cut just inside the line.  It came out perfect with the first cut.

I ended up placing two support beams inside the frame so the two boards in the center of the table would have extra support.  With the hole in the center they were only attached to the table at the end and wanted to slant down.

Now that the table was assembled, it was time to stain!
I made a custom stain color by creating an 80/20 mix of Minwax Natural and Minwax Dark Walnut.  Perfect!
Once the stain was dry I applied several coats of Watco Teak Oil.  I sanded with #0000 steel wool in between coats.  I read that teak oil is a great option for outdoor furniture.  Besides being durable, you don't have to strip your project back to its natural state when it's time to reapply like you would with a poly.  You simply apply another coat when it needs it.
I spray painted the planters with Rustolem's Lagoon and Hammered Black.  I drilled multiple holes in the bottom of the lagoon painted planter and stuffed it full of succulents I got at Home Depot.  I kept going back and buying more to acheive the full look I wanted.  I know they will grow to be large over time, but I'll just trim them down and transplant the clippings to make more succulents!
Finally, I added a strap (from the ribbon section at Hobby Lobby) under the planters for extra support.  I just roughly measured how much material I would need and screwed the strap into the underside of the table.
Now, when company comes over I'll remove the bowl of succulents and replace it with my 2nd bowl to fill full of delicious drinks!
These photos were taken early this morning - I just love how the sunlight trickles in through the treeline!  The entire deck is still a little wet from last night's watering.

Chairs purchased from World Market

The rest of the photos were taken this evening.  The sun sets in the front of our house, creating the perfect shade for evening entertaining!

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Red Stool Makeover!

WOW! Holy unintended blogging break!
Sometimes a gal just needs some time away from blogging (AKA I'm tired of my current home and don't want to do any projects until I'm moved)!
The hubs and I spent Memorial Day weekend getting moved and settled into our new place.  Don't worry, pictures to come eventually.  Since we're both working full time, only the weekends are left for DIY projects.  I'm also trying to take my time and plan out the whole decorating thing before plunging in, so projects are going to be slow going on this house.
I did, however, knock out this easy makeover this weekend!
I bought this ugly thing from a yardsale probably a year ago for maybe 2 bucks.  It's definitely not intended for sitting.  The poor little thing is rickety and lop-sided, but whatever, it's cute!
This makeover literally took me about 10 minutes.  I tossed this thing outside, slapped on a quick sloppy coat of red spray paint and called it a day. BAM! Instant gratification!
I bought the self-watering planter and the cacti from Home Depot.  All of that together cost me more than the chair makeover by itself, but the fun pops of color are totally worth it!
Pretty for sure the purple and pink flowers are hot glued onto the cacti, but supposedly they're a representation of what the eventual blooms will look like.  If not, I'll just keep the hot-glued blooms.  It'll be our little secret.

You may have noticed all the walls in this house are WHITE! Just look at the gorgeous light bouncing off the white walls - so much easier to photograph, even on a partly cloudy day!
I've probably even overexposed a lot of my photos, but I'm still learning how the heck to use my camera.

I have a MILLION ideas of DIY projects for the new place - so stick around if ya want.  Hopefully I'll be on a pretty steady stream of projects for the next 500 years!
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