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Sunday, February 10, 2013


For months now I've been thinking I wanted to pay a blog designer to update the look of CRAPTASTIC to something that I love and is custom to my taste.  The reality of it all is that I'm cheap and just couldn't justify forking over the cash since my blogging has been so sporadic lately.
So I turned to google to find some tutorials about blog design and was lucky enough to stumble across  Something Swanky!  She has an entire series about DIY Blog Design!  Even better, she dumbs it down enough so those folks like myself that aren't very tech savvy can customize their blog!
Thanks to awesome free sites like Pic Monkey and Image-Maps I finally have a new look that I LOVE!
Yeah, I spent all day working on it, but a lot of that is because I'm OCD and spend an absurd amount of time tweaking things.
Here's to hoping the new do will inspire me to blog more!