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Saturday, March 5, 2011

What I'm Up To...

So I told you I've got big plans for my week off!  I wouldn't exactly say I dove in head first.  I couldn't decide where to begin Thursday night so I took a nap.  That's the logical step, right?!

I have been working on my Mom's yellow distressed barstools since January!  At the end of January I got them all painted and distressed, then school got in the way!

So last night I finally got to apply the stain.  I'll explain all that fun stuff later when I show the finished product!  Here is a peek at how they look now!  The chair on the right already has the stain.  See how the wood pops now!  And it made the yellow more golden, just how Mom wanted them!  The poly is drying and in a few days they'll be done!

After I finished at Mom's I headed back to my place to start priming the mirror frame I bought a few months back.  I have big plans for it in my office that I'm renovating!

Here she is with one coat of primer:

I'll apply one more coat of primer tonight then paint it white tomorrow!  Because of the intricate details I'm using spray paint. I've said a million times how much I HATE spray paint! But I'm learning to be more patient with it so it doesn't drip and look bad.

While the spray paint is drying I'll be prepping this beauty:

I picked her up off of Craigslist over Christmas and have been so excited to paint her!  I'm thinking of a pattern similar to these from The Magic Brush, Inc. and Not Just A Housewife.  Love 'em!

I can't wait to finish them and get started on some other projects!!

Don't forget my giveaway ends at midnight!  Good luck!



  1. I learn so much reading blogs. I have tried to get the distressed look, but it just doesn't come out right. I have a problem with PATIENCE! I also need to get a good color of stain that I can use.

  2. i can't wait to see how that desk turns out!!

  3. I'm right w/you on the spray paint, Katie! I'm just not patient enough, I guess.

    Love, love, love, the golden chairs! Beautiful!

    Wow, you're busy! I'll catch up to you pretty soon, I hope!

  4. You've got great projects going on and you're the lady after my heart. DIY is my thing and I can't wait how all these projects turn out :)

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  5. hi Katie, Cassie from Primitive&Proper suggested I show you the desk I've just finished as she said you would be interested in the harlequin pattern I did on it.
    Looking forward to seeing what you end up doing.
    cheers Fiona from Lilyfield life


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