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Monday, March 28, 2011

No Thinking Allowed...

PA school has been very trying lately.  I'm constantly irritable.  Exhausted, both mentally and physically.  Discouraged.  Unmotivated. 

I could go on.  But then we have fun days like this.

Don't worry! I didn't break both my legs.  We had our cast/splint lab today! SOOO much fun!  No thinking, no stressing.  Just straight up having fun!

Someone suggested sending this in to Netter for his next anatomy book.  I think it looks pretty legit! =)

I personally went for the skull and crossbones look!  Not so much hard as it is cutesy.  Oh well, I never claimed to be an artist!

Seeing as I volunteered to get a double cast today, I had to walk around like this for almost two hours.  Awkward, but not as hard as it looks.

I'm FREE!! This tickled sooo much! I was trying so hard not to bust out laughing while I was getting my cast cut off!

We learned how to do our first suture last week.  The simple interrupted stitch.   I LOVE IT!  It's like sewing fabric but easier (don't judge me).  This is my first ever effort having to stitch anything.  In reality this poor person would have had all their stitches ripped out and started over.  But I whipped out a whopping SEVEN stitches! Haha.. I've never been so proud!

We dont' get days like this too often, but boy they are much needed and appreciated when we do get them!

I know you never thought you'd see dead pig feet on my blog!  Not crafty, but still pretty entertaining to me!



  1. I'm a PA and I've been in practice for just over 2 years. Most of the trauma of school has faded now. I had absolutely no life during school, though, so I'm hugely impressed with all you do on top of school! Hang in there! :)

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