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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pom Pom-a-licious!

You remember HERE when I asked you to guess what I was up to with my little flowers?  I was making necklaces and headbands! 

I was looking through blogs last night and I came across LITTLE MISS MOMMA.  Umm, yeah. I had to make these.  Like yesterday.  I followed THIS tutorial and it was so easy!!!  I had some fabric left over from where I made some pillows, so I started with that.  I didn't have anything to use as a necklace so I rann up to Joann's Fabric today!  I made some necklaces and two headbands!

Total cost?  Less than $12!! I still have piles of the little circles used to make the pom pom flowers, two necklaces, and one headband.  The headband alone would have cost me $12!!! 

You hear that?  That's money piling up in my piggy bank!!


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  1. The colors you selected are out of this world adorable!!! You have a knack for this project girl!

  2. Katie,
    Very cute! My little girl would love these!
    Kim :)

  3. Oh, I saw this too and want to make one. I already bought the chain. Your's turned out so cute!

  4. Those turned out beautiful. They look so anthro. Huge savings! I bet you can't wait to put an outfit with them now.

  5. Very cute! I agree with Stephanie - they look very Anthro. Thanks for linking with air your laundry Friday again!


  6. LOVE it! Very nice! The necklaces are super cute...I may just have to try making one now... :)

    Thanks so much for linking up to "20 Below Thursday" :)

  7. These are soooo cute! I have made some of the flowers as hair clips for my little girl or pins, but I love the head bands and necklaces. I need to make some of these! I'm a Nashville area girl, too, by the way! Have a great day!


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