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Thursday, January 6, 2011

It Is All In the Bones...

Last April my sister-in-law and I set out to find an awesome dresser for her bedroom.  After perusing Craigslist for a few days I came across this beauty:

The S-I-L was at work, so after making her make a quick decision the hubby and I were on our way to pick it up.  It was one of those warm, humid kind of days.  When we pulled into the driveway I had my doubts.  But we were here, and the poor little pregnant lady standing in the driveway was looking at us with her sad little eyes.  Piece of crap or not, we were taking it.

As soon as we got home, the top had to go.  It was the only piece of the dresser that was not solid wood, so we ripped it out then headed to Lowes where they cut some plywood to size for us (have to love that)!

Since neither my husband nor I were very handy with much of anything at the time, we did the best we could and got the new wood top put on. 

We then started filling the edges and screw holes with wood filler.  The next day the S-I-L was off work so she, my M-I-L and I got to work cleaning and sanding.  I had at least three roaches, yes three, run out at me when I pulled out the drawers. *Shudder*

After cleaning and sanding the S-I-L used a spray paint primer.  It looked better all ready.

That is where my work ended.  I started working on a cute computer chair she was going to throw away and turned all my attention to that.  The S-I-L has a pretty busy schedule between work and two little ones, so it took her a week or two to find time to finish this beast.  I'd like to say I helped her paint, but I think at this point I was getting ready to start school so I was out of time too.  Two coats of a nice creamy paint, new hardware, and a clear coat later and she had this beauty.

The entire time we were working on it her husband kept joking that you can polish a terd but it is still a terd.  We kept quiet after we were done until a few weeks ago when the S-I-L went to open that top right drawer and the drawer front popped off.  Needless to say he teased her about that for a few days.  Not to worry; a little sanding, wood glue and clamping and that baby was like new!  I think the final total cost was less than $100.  A little higher than originally intended, but still much much cheaper than if she had bought this beauty from a store.  Job well done!


  1. Amazing redo! I too have picked up a couple craigslist items from a little less than ideal places. Your transformation really shows the power of paint and lots of cleaning supplies. Thanks for your comments on my chairs, I look forward to seeing your first upholstery endeavor!

  2. Katie,
    It looks fabulous! I love it! The white is so crisp and clean!
    Kim :)

  3. It turned out great. I like the white against the blue. Your SIL is lucky to have a SIl like you!

  4. Great job! What a difference, hey! I sure like the contrast between the wall and the dresser.


  6. Great makeover! Thank you for sharing at my K.I.S.S. blog bash. :)

    Drop By The Tattered Tag

  7. Turned out really nice! I thought you were going to say another roach ran out a few weeks later (thinking they had babies), but was glad to see it was just the top right drawer front that popped off. ;)


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