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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In The Meantime..

No, I'm not referring the old Spacehog song.  Seeing as I'm couch bound for a few days I'm going to share some old projects I've worked on.

During the middle of last semester my thought process went like this:

"I'll buy nice furniture for real cheap on Craigslist.  I'll make it real pretty then turn it for a profit.  It's GENIUS!!"

This was before I realized how time consuming some of those big projects could be.  So honestly, I've only refinished one big piece thus far.  My very first sell on Craiglist!! What a rush!

It started with these pretty bones:

I scored this set off of CL along with two dresser mirrors, a nightstand, and a full/queen frame for $75.  Quite a bargain to me!  This set was in great shape, it just needed a facelift!

A few months back I had refinished a dresser/buffet for myself in a crazy purple color.  I'm in love with all things purple.  I still had half the can left over so I thought "PURPLE!"

I sanded and cleaned the piece then put on two coats of paint.  I hate priming, and I didn't want this piece to look perfect, so I didn't feel bad skipping that part.  Some black glaze and high gloss polyurethane later I had this:

I don't have one of those fancy cameras, and I was working with horrible lighting conditions in my Mom's basement.  It looked so much better in person!  Right about this time the hubby and I had bought a new home, so anytime I stopped by Mom's house I would stare at it for a few minutes, remembering how much I liked it.  I love color.  Crazy color. And so did the awesome gal that took it home!

Initially I had intentions of the handles being a glossy black.  This shows them mid-make over.

Spraypaint and I DO NOT get along.  That turned into a disaster.  The spray paint kept scratching off and looked terrible.  By the time I decided to rub the spray paint off and try a new plan, it had decided to stick.  Go figure.  So my Mom and I (bless her) spent hours scratching and sanding the paint off by hand until we ended up with the final product.  I must say though, much better then my original plan.

The hardware, through a series of happy mistakes, went from this:

To this:

What a beast!!

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