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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pink Stitches Swap Goodies - Part 2!

Well, you may (or may not) have noticed my absence over the last week.  You know what that means!


Ok, well I finished the rough draft anyways.  That's always the hardest part.

I'll get back into my regular routine of Five Feature Friday next week!

Anywho, you remember way back here and here when I talked about my swap with the lovely Bonnie at Pink Stitches?  We had decided to split our swap into two parts for ease of time.  I got part 2 this week!

Talk about an awesome surprise! I had no idea I was getting anything and I definately did a happy dance at my mailbox, then ran inside and ripped my package open!

Bonnie made this absolutely adorable ruffle pouch for me!! I LOVE it! She made it large enough to fit an iPad - hmmm, maybe I need to get one now! ;)

I love the contrast of the bright inside with the neutral outside!

She also sent these adorable rosettes - I can pin them to anything! So flipping cute!

As if all those goodies weren't enough, she also sent me this fat pile of fabric! Seriously, I was wiping up drool at this point!


Now, most of you have probably at least started, if not finished, your Christmas shopping/making.  I will be getting started today! Ack! I have one week to do a TON!

I plan on making almost all of our Christmas presents this year.  It saves money and I love the personal touch, but it sure does take a lot of extra time!

On top of all the Christmas goodies I'm making, I'll be making over my craft study room!  You know, the one I studied in ALL the time! Haha - what a joke!

It is a fun and adorable room, but I'm wanting to go for a little more mature look, and I need it to function more as a craft/sewing room.

So over the next two weeks of my Christmas break you will hopefully be seeing lots of goodies and makeovers!



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