Monday, May 23, 2011

Something BIG for My Littles!

This Thursday the newest PA class starts at Trevecca (poor things)!  Each member of the class of 2012 (my class) gets assigned a "little" from the class of 2013 (the newbies).  Their class is a little larger than ours, so I was assigned two littles!

They have orientation all Thursday morning, then we come in all flashy in our white coats to give them some motivation and goodie baskets during lunch!  I couldn't wait to make something super cute for my two littles!  My "Big" is pretty much a rockstar, and I want my littles to think the same of me! =)

I started with these two baskets from Goodwill.

I painted them with Valspar's Sonic Plum, then taped them off to spray on chalkboard paint.

Now they're ready for some goodies!

I wanted these to look like a bouquet of school goodies.  So first I took bamboo skewers (the kind used for grilling) and cut them in half.  I painted them aqua and pink with acrylic paint.  Here they are sitting on wax paper to dry.

I then packed the inside of the baskets with that foamy green stuff used for floral arrangements.  P.S. - It stinks, and it crumbles, and I don't like how it feels under my nails.

Then I covered the top with the spanish moss I have from Hobby Lobby.  That $6 bag of moss has allowed me to do so many projects! I love it!

Now for the bouquet part.  For the past few nights I sat on the couch making fabric rosettes.  I glued one onto each basket, then made magnets out of the rest of them. On the above basket, only the small orange rosette is glued on.  The other two rosettes are magnets.

I took all of the items I wanted in the basket and either hot glued them to the painted skewers, or wrapped them onto the painted skewers with twine.  Then I shoved them into the green foamy stuff over and over until I had an arrangement I was pleased with!

I used a knife to sharpen my chalk to a point so I could write on the front of their goodie baskets.  I know the writing is kind of small.  They say the student's name, followed by Class of 2013.

Here is Ashley's.

The inside is filled with highlighters, pens, pencils, a mini stapler, post-it page tabs, notecards, rosette magnets, and note cards.  All the essentials for school!

And here is Jennifer's.

I can't wait to meet them this Thursday! I hope they love their goodies!



  1. So cute and fun! Thanks for linking up to Craft and Tell!

  2. Those lucky girls! I wish you were my "big"!!

  3. Great job! Love these & I'm sure they will, too!

  4. I love this, such a cool idea! If I got this instead of flowers, I'd be in my happy place!

  5. Wickedly awesome! Wish I could see their faces when they get those baskets.

  6. Cute! That's totally my kind of gift basket. :)

    Thanks for sharing over at Weekend Warrior. See you next week. :)


  7. Love it! It's a great presentation!

  8. These are fabulous! I never would have guessed that you got the baskets from the Goodwill. Your littles will love you for sure!!! Also wanted to let you know that I just love the rosette MAGNET idea!!!

    Kym @

  9. this is so awesome! i wish i was your little. i'm sure it makes the newbies feel more welcomed. too bad there isn't anything similar to this at my nursing school.

  10. Absolutely adorable! They will love them!

  11. so darling! They will LOVE them
    great job!!!

  12. I am just sitting here wishing that my school had had something like this when I started out years ago. Your littles are very lucky to have you welcome them to their new school.

  13. What cute little gifts -- so sweet of you!

  14. this is so cute! i love it! I am your newest follower and would love it if you checked out my blog and followed me too! Thanks!

  15. Very cute and creative! Thanks for sharing! Have a lovely weekeend!
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

    RAINBOW-The Colours of India

  16. Those are AWESOME! Rosette magnets?? Dude... genius! :) Bet your littles were thrilled!
    We would love for you to share this on our Fancy This Fridays link up at Truly Lovely!

  17. How nice. They will love these for sure.

  18. How cute and so sweet of you!! You must be so excited too!! Thanks for sharing this at FNF~have a great weekend!!

  19. That is such a cute project!
    Thank you so much for linking up to {nifty thrifty sunday}!
    I hope to see you again tomorrow!

  20. Well how sweet are you?! They will definitely think you are a rock star too and not just because you give them darling gift baskets. :-)
    Thanks so much for linking this up to Inspiration Friday this week Katie!

  21. THANKS for sharing these on Fancy This Fridays!!! We love them so much they're featured today on Truly Lovely!!! Hope you'll stop by to check it out and grab a featured button! Oh... And check back June 6th to see if you won the giveaway!


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