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Sunday, July 7, 2013

She's Got Legs...

A few months back I happened upon this gorgeous DIY raw wood coffee table from The Brick House. 
 I immediately fell in love with the hairpin legs and debated on creating a similar table for myself.
I browsed my local Craigslist and did find a few local lumbar yards, just never looked into it.
This afternoon the hubby and I were walking about downtown Nolensville.  If you're from the Middle Tennessee area you are probably familiar with it.  It's an adorable little area with tons of antique shops.
I've been there a handful of times but have never visited Morgenstern's 1949.  We walked in and I immediately looked to my left.  I swear the clouds parted, the angel's sang and I screamed at the hubby "I want this!"  I did look around at the rest of the antique stores before making my final decision, but ultimately I came back and bought this beauty!
The grain looks beautiful!
I love how it looks with the rug - which by the way was inspired by Mandi's 2012 Epic Room Makeover.  It's just three 3x5 rugs from World Market put together!

You can see our new couch as well - a house-warming gift from us, to us!
The living room is coming along slowly but I'm loving the look so far!  I've got a big project in mind for our TV wall!
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  1. oh WOW!!!!! yes, that is awesome!!!!

  2. Awesome table with the hairpin legs. The grain of the wood is gorgeous. You won't be seeing your table anywhere else. Love how the striped rugs look under your table, love colors and style.
    How I miss the antique stores in your corner of the world. We used to live outside Bowling Green, KY where there are incredible stores all over and also in TN. Nothing like that where we live now, outside Grand Junction, CO. Enjoy it all. Glad you found your table to make your room look like what you're working toward. Happy Summer

    1. Thank you!! We definitely have a great selection of antique stores here. I've heard the stores in Ky are great too, just haven't had a chance to make it up there. Bummer you guys don't have a good selection in Co!!

  3. Gorgeous table - BUT OMG - your sofa is out of this world beautiful - I WANT IT lol
    It looks perfect with the table - great pairing!

  4. So good Katie!! It all works so well together too...nice work ;-)

  5. Love, love, love! The hairpin legs are great!! Would love it if you would link this up to Give Me The Goods Monday: 1 Party, 4 Blogs!
    Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  6. Love the table and love the couch!! They look amazing together! Found your blog via {Rain on a Tin Roof} and I'm now your newest follower!! I would love for you to check out my blog when you get the chance!!


    1. Thanks Amy!! Love your blog! Following along now!

  7. That table is very West Elm-ish and non crap.

  8. What a great find! It's funny that of all the links in the Sundae Scoop link party, I clicked two of yours first! I'd better explore more of your blog - clearly, I like your style. :)

  9. Your table is beautiful, Katie. Looks like we both have a thing for wood!

  10. What an awesome find! Such a gorgeous table.

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