Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cheap and Easy DIY Christmas Ornament Storage!

We finally got around to cleaning up our Christmas decor and are starting to feel some normalcy again. Over the years we've continued to acquire more ornaments, and I've added a few DIY ones to the mix. We have finally reached the point of needing more than an old shoe box to store everything.
This is an incredibly cheap and easy way to store all your Christmas ornaments and knick-knacks. I bought the supplies last year, so I don't remember the exact amount, but it runs around $10 or less.

You can purchase the wood rod, 3/4" at Lowes or Home Depot, and find a large plastic storage bin at Target or Big Lots.

I made sure that 1/2 the length of the wood rod would be long enough to fit across the bin with some excess.  It fit perfectly, so I used my jigsaw to cut the wood rod in half.  It came to 24".

I then used my drill attachments to drill four holes in the plastic bin.  My wood rod was 3/4", so I used my 3/4" drill bit.

The two halves of the wood rod fit nice and snug into the holes.  This is perfect because I didn't want any wiggle room.

I placed my burlap tree skirt in the bottom of my bin, followed by an old wreath.  Then the hubby and I walked around the tree looping ornaments onto the two halves of the wood rod.

I got this sweet little guy from my Mom this Christmas and wanted to keep him out year round! Isn't he cute!!

Once all the ornaments are hung on the two rods just slide them back into the slots and you're all done packing!


The bin is still very lightweight, and there is no wiggle room for the ornaments to fall off.  Any ornaments we have that don't have a loop I just hung off one of the other ornaments.

Here they are all snug and packed away for next Christmas!

You may find that my posting is sporadic for the next few months.  The hubby and I are finally moving into a home closer to where we both work!  It's being built now and our closing date is May 24th.  I won't be completing as many projects as I did last year since we need to keep our house clean and I don't have anywhere to put new stuff now!

Here is the view of our new lot!

This is the beautiful tree line behind out property.  There is a creek not too far from our house so there will never be any homeowners behind us!  We're ecstatic!

I hope you all have had a good start to the New Year!  So far 2013 is looking good for us!


**UPDATE 1/2015**

Just in case you were wondering how well our ornaments held up I thought I would share our unpacking experience.  I was delighted to find that the ornaments easily slid off the dowels, making it very easy to decorate our Christmas tree.  My husband and I each took a dowel out of the bin, and within about 10 minutes all of our ornaments were hung.  There were a few ornaments that either became separated from their metal hook or were torn in half (this happened to one cheaply make ornament) but these were easily put back together.  All of our fragile ornaments were safely stored in the bottom of the container with no problems.  If you have utilized this Christmas ornament storage method I hope it has worked well for you! Cheers to a great 2015!

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  1. Clever storage idea! And what great news! You will definitely have an exciting year!

  2. What a clever idea. I never thought to hang the ornaments when storing them!

  3. Great storage tip, and how darn exciting about the new house. June will be a fun month for you, looking forward to seeing the touches you add to your new digs.


  4. I am now your biggest fan if only because your blog name is so freakin' cool! Not to mention what an awesome idea that storage is! You. Are. Fantastic!

  5. great idea, now they are already to go next year!

  6. Oh my gosh Katie, how in the world do you cream up things like this? I need help from someone like you! Seriously I'm so lost when it comes to organization. I just throw everything anywhere it will fit and pray it doesn't break:) hope your having a caravels weekend

  7. Brilliant idea for ornament storage!

  8. GREAT idea! My only concern is if the ornaments are breakable...any ideas on how to prevent this from happening with the ornaments hanging so close together?

  9. GREAT idea! My only concern is if the ornaments are breakable...any ideas on how to prevent this from happening with the ornaments hanging so close together?

  10. Hey Allison! I do have a fair amount of glass ornaments hanging. No breaks so far. It helps to place a few softer ornaments in between the breakable ones. Also, if you are using the bottom of your bin to store a tree skirt or a wreath, you could wrap your fragile ornaments with tissue paper and place them individually in the bottom. Hope this helps!

  11. This is genius - thanks for sharing, I love it!

  12. Wow...This is a great idea! I've been using zip locks for my clear acrylics but the glass has been a pain securing. I'm breaking out my drill this year before pack up! This is so much easier. Thanks

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