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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Meet Domestic Imperfection!

Domestic Imperfection
Domestic Imperfection

I was so excited when I found out one of my friends Ashely was starting a blog! She oozes creative talent and I can't wait to see everything she does!

I met her and her husband through my bestest while we were stationed at Fort Drum.  Her and her hubs are great and they have the cutest little boy with another baby on the way!

Anywho, Ashely is so good at making ugly junk look great.  Even better, she does it on a budget!  She and her hubs bought a house in Texas recently and now she has a blog so you can follow their transformation!  Here are just a few highlights!

Before - gag, that color is terrible! It was all over their house!

After - yes, please!! I love the grey and yellow color scheme!!

Check out the rest of her guest room here!

The outside looks just as beautiful as the inside.

Lots of potential, but very bland.

What a difference! They put in the driveway, sidewalk, grass, and landscaping by themselves at a relatively low cost!  You can see the process here!

Lastly, one of my favorties is her dining room curtain project!!

Very cute space, just kinda naked!

Not only did she make all of the curtains herself, but she also made the hanging rod system! You know how much I love chevron - I'm in love with these curtains!

You can see how she did it here.

Ashley is just getting started with her blog, so I know she'd love it if you all stopped by to give her a warm welcome! You won't be disappointed!  I can't wait to see the rest of her makeovers!



  1. WOW!! That IS a transformation!! The color scheme is greatness

  2. Fabulous! I especially like the budget part. Some magazines and blogs you see make me think-"I could do that-if I had a million dollars" but that isn't my reality.

    Maybe that lottery thing will work out for me though :)


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