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Sunday, February 13, 2011

She's Fiinished!

I finished my picture wall this weekend!  I spent Friday painting all the frames.  Saturday I had to glaze the colored frames and start picking out photos.  Today I had them printed at Wal-Mart and put them all in after I cleaned the glass!

It is really difficult to takes pictures of pictures!  So I'm just going to upload the original photo, then tell ya a little bit about it! Stay with me, there's alot!

This picture was taken at the Ripley Aquarium in Gatlinburg while Chris was home on leave from Iraq in May 2008.  I just think it looks cool and it adds a pop of color to the wall.

I love this picture!  It was taken at a friend's wedding a few summers ago and just captures the personalities of our friends so well!

I took this photo in 2006 while on a mission trip in Honduras.  I just thought it looked neat.

My bestest Loren took this picture during Fall in Upstate New York!  By coincidence she and I both got stationed at Fort Drum, NY together!!  She took this at one of the apple orchards up there, and this photo just reminds of the few years we lived up there! Besides that, it's a pretty awesome photo!

This frame was larger than an 8x10, and if I wanted to print the photo to the size of the frame it would have cost about $12.  So I just printed the 8x10 and put some burlap behind it.

This is from our belated honeymoon in Costa Rica.  We spent one of our days zip-lining... it was actually pretty fun and the view was nice!  The hubby loves this pic cause it makes his muscles look nice! =)

You can't get any cuter than this!  This is a photo of my neice and nephew... not the most recent photo of them but still insanely adorable!

In 2009 I got the bright idea to go on a mountain "hike" on Alogonquin Peak in the Adirondacks of NY.  This was more like mountain climbing and it kicked my butt.  It ended up being about 11 miles of climbing up and down this horrible mountin.  The view was gorgeous, but I will never do it again.  This photo is when we finally made it out of the mountain and were walking back to the car (yeah, at nighttime, after nine hours of "hiking").  We barely made it out before it got dark.

The hubby came back from a 15 month deployment on Halloween 2008.. this was the first time we had seen each other in about seven months!

Here are all the frames I painted..

I'm still uncertain how I feel about the wall.  Black usually is not my color of choice, so I'm having to get used to it.  And it looks kinda small now that it's up on the wall.  I might add some more pictures and frames later on just to even it out a little.  But that's it for now!


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  1. i think it looks great! this is such a fun way to take care of an empty wall = ) im planning to do the same thing in our basement hallway that is too wide to leave empty but not wide enough for any furniture.

  2. I LOVE it! I have a frame collage in every room in my house. I love them. The one in my living room started with about 7 frames and has now grown to about 15 and a couple of plates (we keep having kids... ;). Adding to them is my favorite part because it is random anyway, and it can be as ecclectic as you want. Anywho... very cute!!

  3. Oh, and my favorite part about putting up a new one is walking by it for the first couple of weeks and stopping every time to just stare for a couple minutes. :)

  4. It looks fabulous! Great job! And love all the pics. My hubby came home from Iraq, after his 15 mth deployment, in Oct of 08 as well.

  5. Ashley that is exactly what I've been doing! I keep looking at it, and the best part is that I keep liking it more and more! I can't wait to add more photos, as I have no doubt that I will!

  6. So you painted the wall too it looks like. You didn't mention doing that huge job. I think it all looks great! And that zip line has the be the same one from the bachelor right?! ;)

  7. I LOVE your picture wall. Great idea for a large wall, I'm so into funky frames. I'll have to find more and remember this idea for somewhere in my house.


  8. LOVE this!!! Love for you to Link it up at Whassup Wednesday!!!


  9. I love the colors that you chose! They pop off of the wall very nicely!

  10. Looks great! I love all the different frames!

  11. Aww, love how you shared the memory for each photo. They frames look great. I've been wanting to do a gallery type photo wall on the side of our staircase, but it's a tall space and I'm not even sure where to start!

  12. And PS, thanks to both you and your hubby for the sacrifices your family made during deployment.

  13. Loooove the pictures, and the arrangement on your wall! Fun, fresh, and meaningful :) Perfect!

    Thank you so much for linking to "20 Below Thursday"!

  14. That's really cute. I am going to make a photo wall in our staircase, but I haven't decided which frames to use yet.

  15. Love this....and I've been ziplining before just not n Costa Rica. Lol thanks for stopping by my blog and that wreath wud fit you perfectly!!!!! I'm now following your blog

    Xoxo andrea

  16. The wall looks fabulous and I love the story behind each picture. That little yellow frame looks like some that I found in Italy...dreamy. I'm with ya on the 15 month deployments. Hooah...

  17. Looks awesome! You did a great job and such a great way to showcase some special memories! Thanks for linking up!

  18. Hey! Love all these colors together in this gallery. WHat is the glaze you used? spray-painted thrift stores frames need.


  19. Thanks Amanda! I used the Valspar antique glaze! I love it!


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