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Friday, January 7, 2011

Bedside Tables Part 1

I finally got started priming these two gals.  I just slapped on a quick coat and tomorrow I'm going to sand them real smooth before I start painting them.  These are the two bedside tables I'm doing for my SIL to match a little end table I did for Christmas.  I'll show that one once these are in their new home.

The color is a metallic gold color, so I am having to use spray paint. 

I had to repair one of the legs on the larger or the two tables.  It seems pretty sturdy now!

Since I'll be applying coats of spray paint to the tables off and on all day I'm going to work on my Mom's barstools as well.  I had hopes to do these before Christmas, seeing as they were her Christmas present... Oops.

Those two little blobs are the colors Mom is deciding between.  I like the color on the right, she likes the color on the left. 

Gold Seal is the color by Valspar that I like.  Bran Muffin is by Olympia and that is what Mom likes.  Which color do you like?

Here's to hoping for a productive day tomorrow!

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  1. I totally remember those bar stools! I'm going to have to go w/ your mom's decision, I like her color choice better, sorry...


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