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Thursday, March 8, 2012

More Surgery Stories, Thank You and A Giveaway!

I am currently doing my surgery rotation with an orthopedic group! I love it!  But, since technically it is my surgery rotation, my preceptors want me to see other aspects of surgery.

So this week I ventured out with one of the hospital's general surgeons.  What an adventure!  This surgeon does a lot of breast surgeries (not the enhancement type) so I was able to see a few breast biopsies done and some other interesting cases as well.

Tuesday morning I got to watch a thyroid lobectomy (where they remove one half of the thyroid).  It was SO different from all the banging and cutting we do in ortho! I got to make the last clip that removed the thyroid!

After lunch I ventured over to the Labor and Delivery wing and got to see a precious baby boy born.  After the baby had been delivered I was still helping hold the Mom's leg while the midwife was finishing with the birth process.  I had my face turned a little to my left to watch the baby get cleaned up when I felt a SPLATTER on my face.  I turned around to see BLOOD splattered all down the front of my white lab coat and I could feel it on my face!  While the midwife was cutting off part of the umbilical cord that was attached to the placenta, blood shot out all over me.  It was literally 1 mm from my lip.  Good thing I had my mouth shut! Welcome to labor and delivery.

Once that was finished I popped in to see a vascular surgeon finishing up his work on a carotid artery.  I got a quick anatomy lesson then went next door to scrub in for an exploratory abdominal surgery.  What was supposed to be a simple surgery turned into the removal of part of the small intestine and reattaching it to the stomach!  Insane!

So I was very lucky as a student to get to see some uncommon surgeries!  My heart is still in ortho though!

A few weeks ago I won a giveaway from my pal Ashley at Domestic Imperfection!  She gave away four sets of pillow covers and I was ecstatic to win two adorable houndstooth pillow covers!

My living room is a mess right now, so I didn't take a picture of the pillows all spread out on my couch, but I love how they all look!

I'm saving the other pillow cover until I decide where to put it! Thanks Ashley and Happy Blogiversary!!

Now I have a last minute reminder for a giveaway at my other pal Brittany's blog, Britt's Apron!

She is also celebrating her 1-year blogiversary and her giveaway ends tonight!

She is giving away this adorable apron she made along with a pair of earrings and a book she had made with all her dessert recipes!  How flipping cute!

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But hurry!  Her giveaway ends tonight at 10:30!!

I hope you all are having a great week so far!  The weekend is almost here!



  1. You are the best Katie!!!! Thanks so much! Oh and FYI, the giveaway end 10:30 mountain standard time, so 11:30 your time! You've been doing cool stuff lately, Bonny just found out she has some Thyroid problem, that's crazy you just took one out! Thanks again ;)

  2. oh my lord that story is SO gross! i could never be a dr.... or even a nurse. eew.

  3. Oh wow Katie, that is so cool and so gross all at the same time! Thank goodness there are people like you who enjoy doing what you do! You rock girl!

  4. okay so not really the same but I'm a veterinary technician and have seen some cool surgeries on animals. I even worked for an ambulatory orthopedic vet who did torn acl repairs, bone saws and all. It was way cool! And once a month we did total hip replacements on dogs!! So I share your love of medicine and ortho!

  5. So glad you are having fun with your rotation!

  6. Better you than me, sweetheart. I would've been on the floor if that had happened to me. A true sign that God creates each one of us for a specific purpose. Mine is teaching, not surgery & birth:)

  7. My daughter wants to one day be a surgeon. She loves everything you just talked about. I cringed just reading it;)

  8. I enjoy reading your rotation stories! Thank you so much for sharing.
    Give me a visit some time at!

  9. oh good god the link is


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