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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It Went Bump In the Night!

I have a pretty hilarious story unrelated to crafts. Well, it is KIND of related!

You remember when I said here that

"I was going to nail hanging brackets on the back, but the nail was too long.  Because the board is so light weight, I just hot glued the brackets.  Hopefully they won't fall and slam into my face one day."

Last night the hubby and I finally crashed around 12:30am.  I don't think it took more than ten minutes for me to fall asleep, because not twenty minutes later I was woken up by a loud BOOM!

Before I could even sit up and say "What was that!"  the hubby had already jumped out of bed, turned on the light, cocked his gun, and had his flashright at the ready.

I finally  managed to get out "WHAT WAS THAT!" To which the hubby replied "I don't know. Stay here."

What did I do?  Stumble out of bed against his request and start peeking through the blinds.  What was I looking for?  I don't know exactly, I still couldn't focus my eyes!

I finally regained my composure and eyesight and headed out into the living room, heart pounding, thinking I was going to see my hubby shoot a home invader.  Our backporch has three entry points: two windows and a glass door.  Anyone who really wants in our house could get in.

Each time I tried to peek through the blinds I would get blinded by the hubby's intense light.  Now I see what he means about it being so effective against theives.  You can't see a dang thing.

We finally realized no one was in our house and all the doors and windows were secure.  So WHAT WAS IT?!

As I'm peering out the front window onto the porch, still looking for a culprit or a broken pot, I hear an annoyed "OOOOH! I know what it was!"

I could tell by the tone of his voice it was in some way related to me, so I timidly walked into my office.  Yep.  My weekend $5 artwork that was so lightweight had fallen off the wall.  Why?  Because I guess it's not really that lightweight.  The hot glue had come undone  and caused the hanging bracket to rip off the back.

I kind of looked at my toes, then looked up and smiled and said "Thanks for protecting me from my picture!"  =)


  1. lol, might i suggest small d-rings? the screws wont go through the front of the wood, promise! thats what i used for mine = )

  2. haha yeah, I saw that one coming. And go Chris!! I bet you really feel safe now, you know, seeing him in action and all ;)

  3. that definitely sounds like something that could happen here! :) too funny!!

  4. Oups ! LOL Happens here too :) Usually with a liitle help from the kids...
    Visit me and follow me back! Hope you are having fun with the blog hop !

  5. This is so darn hilarious:) And i really liked your wall art.. i was about to write you a comment on that post, when your "Boom" word came right at my face so i had to read this post too. It just simply cracked me up:) thanks for the good laugh! I am now following you thanks to Wandering Wednesday blog hop and it would be so nice if you could share the love back on my blog:)
    And don't forget to check our new Blog Tutorial to learn a few easy tricks to make your blog fabulous and fun. See you there!
    Happy Wednesday

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  7. So glad I found this blog, its marvelous!
    Hoping you stop by and follow me back!

  8. OMG! This is sooo me! I drive my Hubby crazy! I love this story, but you need to get a few dogs! Then you WOULD KNOW if there was someone in your house. 8>)


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