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Friday, February 11, 2011

Picture This...

Here is the poor naked wall in my living room.  I've had grand plans for it since Christmas after I got this:

It's a picture of Wightman Chapel at Scarritt Bennett Center in Nashville.  This is where the hubby and I got married in 2007.  His folks found a professional photo of it and had it framed for us this Christmas!

I immediately knew where I wanted it.  On my naked wall surrounded by other photos!

So I went to Goodwill and found all of these:

I wanted some oval frames too so I went back today.  Can you believe Goodwill only had ONE oval frame! Out of probably over 100 frames!  Guess one is better than none.

So here is the layout I ended up with:

I knew I wanted to keep a few of the frames empty, and that I wanted those to have a bright color.  I typically don't like black (I'm more of a wood girl) but I decided to match the rest of the frames to the first photo.

These are the colors I chose:

In progress:

And a little bit of Mark Wahlberg to keep me company:

Now I've got them drying! 

Tomorrow I am going to glaze the three colored frames then have some photos printed out!  Stay tuned!!



  1. Fun! I still need to paint my frames for my collage in my bedroom.

  2. Hey, I like how you went w/ the SHS colors ;) I love how your blog is becoming so famous!

  3. very cute! what did you use for glaze? I have a photo wall I am updating soon and was going to use spray paint. never thought of the glaze though..

    Kelly @


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