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Saturday, February 5, 2011

I Found My Twin!

Ok, well not MY twin, but my big purple dresser's twin!

Remember this pretty lady?

I was perusing Craigslist today (instead of studying like I should be) and came across this:

WHAT!  That's my dresser!!  I forgot to take a before of mine, so now I finally have one!  Minus the black top and bottom.  Mine was all wood when I bought it.  And the drawer handles were all falling off! Lol!  I had completely forgotten about the awful embellishments on the corner of the drawers!

Price tag on this bad boy? $200!  I wish it was more affordable, I would totally buy it and refinish another one!

I just thought this was cute.  It's not like I thought Bassett only made one of my dresser, I just didn't think I would come across another one!

I've been studying like mad the past few weeks and can't wait to get back into painting! Come on Spring Break!


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