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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Me?! A Stylish Blogger!!

WOW!! You can imagine my surprise (and giddy excitement) when I found out The Sweet Paper House had nominated me for The Stylish Blogger Award!!  It was definately a great way to start off what was going to be a ROUGH week!!  Katie's passion is definately for creating through paper!  She has done some invitations that are PHENOMENAL!!  Like, the kind you buy for your wedding, phenomenal!  Look at the amazing stuff she did for her daughter's first birthday a few months ago:

She created a pretty stinking cute little girl too!! Here is one of the invitations she made for a baby shower!

Not only does she do some awesome things, she also posts TONS of inspirational ideas and photos! So GO CHECK HER OUT!!

So here is the fun part.  I get to tell you seven crazy things about myself, then tell you about 15 of my favorite blogs!!  I'm going to cheat like The Sweet Paper House did too, and pick ten!

1.  I eat my hotdogs with mayonaise, ketchup, crunched up doritos and cheese! Try it! I've converted disbelievers before!

2.  My favorite number is eight!  When I was eight years old, my softball jersey number was eight.  We went undefeated that year! Oh yeah, we were called The Diamond Girls!  I still have my jersey! You can't get better than that!

3.  If I won the lottery tomorrow I would open up a cute little store and just work on crafts all the time!

4.  My favorite part of Spring and Fall is being able to sit on the porch with my hubby for morning coffee!  Between my school and his work our time alone has been sparse lately, so I treasure these moments!

5.  I play Call of Duty on PS3.  Like hardcore.  I like it more than my husband and on most days now I'm better than him!!

6.  For the longest time I wanted to be a forensic anthropologist.  I have helped excavate the remains of three murder victims (I know, a weird thing to get excited about).  Now when I walk in woody or bushy areas I subconsciously look for dead bodies.  Hmmm.

7.  My first car was a Volvo named Ruby.  She was maroon and had big, plush seats.  One of the wires was held together by electric tape, and when that tape would slip off my car would turn off! Haha! Good thing that car was a tank!  I hit one of the concrete blocks next to the gas pump when I was 16 and it didn't even dent my car.  Good times!

Ok, onto the part you've all been waiting for!!!

Allison has some of the cutest ideas for easy, but awesome home decor!  And we found out that her parents live in the same town as me!!

Lori over at Paisley Passions has some awesome linky parties!  This is where I get a TON of eye candy!!

Chrissie has some of the most exciting furniture colors!!  I can't wait to see what old piece she has spruced up next!!

Holly does it all!  She paints, she sews, she CREATES! What does this girl not do?!

Jami is a bottle full of inspiration for me! She makes some of the cutest things!!

Brecken gives furniture facelifts like nobody's business!!  I have definately used her pieces as inspiration more than once!

Melanie keeps my eye-candy jar full!  She has all sorts of fantastic furniture projects, and more!

I LOVE Kim's furniture projects!! She has a knack for choosing great colors and always does a phenomanal job!

Jennifer was born to paint!  If it is paintable, she'll do it!  She even did work for Extreme Makeover, Home Edition! Wow!  She is basically the reason I decided to start painting furniture!

Kristi can make any little knick-knack look spectacular!  I want to buy all of her stuff to put in my kitchen!  Her colors are all so bright and happy!

PHEW!!  That was a lot!  I hope you all get a chance to check out the lovely ladies mentioned above! They are faboo!



  1. congrats on you award! I love "stalking" new blogs! LOL! I would do the same thing if I won the lottery! We can dream right?

  2. Thank you for the award!!! So sweet...I'm working on a post of my favorite blogs and random stuff about me! Love your blog too!

  3. Congrats on the award! And thanks for passing it on.

  4. Awwwww that is so sweet of you! I'm glad you started to paint furniture!!!!!!!! Thanks for the award!

  5. Thank you so much for nominating my little blog, Katie! And, congrats on your award too. Loved reading a bit about you. I love mayo on my dogs too...but ketchup and Doritos (which I crunch up on my sandwiches)? Not so much. lol I am cracking up at the thought of you playing Call of Duty. My husband's a big fan of the games and I admit, there was a month long period a few years ago when you'd find me playing after my son was in bed (pre-twins, of course)! I had to put the brakes on though...I was getting a little to in to it & cursing like a sailor! Hahaha! I've always thought forensics would be a cool career, too. Anyhow, sorry for the long post! Thanks again!

  6. I had a Volvo for my first car too.. Mine however was charcoal and had BLACK leather seats, so i burnt my bum quite often on them in the hot summers. I liked to run over curbs and all sortsa things that should mess up a car, but mine was a tank as well and not a bit of damage! haha


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