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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dreaming of Teal...

Today when I was browsing "The Walton's = Maggie + Griffin + Baird" I came across her post about painting her front door a bold color.  I then asked the hubby what he thought about painting our front door, to which he quickly replied "no."  Ok, that was expected.  So I made him come over and look at the type of color I had in mind.

That'd still be a no.  "Maybe in the next house," he said.

This is a very poor picture of the front of our house.  I stole it off of Realtracs when we were looking at the house.  We have since planted some flowers and laid some decorative stones.  We moved  in during October so we didn't have time to establish grass or flowers before the cold weather hit.  I'll be posting some photos once we get it all pretty!

The hubby is terrified of color.  I always tell him he is so boring.  You can almost always guarantee his car will be silver.  I about fell out of my chair when he came home with a dark green SUV.

Anyhow, the sun finally came out for a little bit today and got me dreaming of these:

I would LOVE to have a garden or a back porch like the first two pictures one day!!  But for now, I just can't wait to have flowers and grass!

Remember this cute little chair I found at the antique store:

I put it on a high ledge in my living room, but I don't really like it there.  So I want to paint it to look like this:


...and put it on my front porch. 

I have an old coal bucket from my father-in-law that I'm going to fill with colorful flowers and put at the base of the chair.

I also have a pair of white adirondack chairs on my back porch that took quite a beating during the upstate NY winter.  During Easter break I want to sand them down and paint them to look like this:

And lastly, I have two old iron chairs that need to be refinished.  One is from the father-in-law, and one the sister-in-law pulled out of a dumpster for me (that's love)! They look similar to this minus the heart design:

I want to paint them white, then put a bright patterned fabric on the seat, maybe something like this:

Man, I have ALOT of work to do!  I'm finding myself getting very burnt out at school, so I'm ready for the day when I can start showing you pictures of MY furniture again, instead of pictures off the internet!

The sunny weather just had me excited for Spring, and I thought I would share some eyecandy!


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