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Monday, June 13, 2011

A Mistake, A Tip on Comments, and A Question!

Hi All!! Hope you're having a great Monday!

First, I wanted to point out a paint mistake I made in my last post on the retro green desk!
(Paint color Palm Leaf by Valspar)

I told you the paint color was Bayleaf by Valspar - it is actually PALM leaf!!

Sorry! I sent the paint can home with Mandy J and thought I remembered the paint color correctly.

Ok - SECOND, all my comment-leaving problems have been fixed!!  I know a lot of you have been having problems leaving comments.  This has been making me so angry - I've even resorted to e-mailing a few people my comments! =)

I had heard you could download Mozilla as your internet browser, but I didn't want to do that.  I have enough junk on my PC already.  Then I read this post from Bonnie @ Pink Stitches! It changed my life! Haha, ok.  Not really, but now I can communicate with my blogging buddies again, and for that I'm thankful!

Tip #1 - I only had issues leaving comments with blogs that had their comment section embedded in the post.  If you think you have been receiving fewer comments, check your comment format.  Select comments to appear as either a full page, or a pop-up window (that's what I use). This should make it easier for folks to comment on your posts!

Tip #2 - For embedded comments - when you leave your comment you have multiple options as to how you wish to be identified. If the blog has it available (not all do) you can choose to comment as Name/URL.  It takes a second to type your name and blog address, but you can comment!

Tip #3 - For embedded comments - lastly, like I mentioned above, not all blogs have the Name/URL option available.  But don't worry!  If you are google like me, just select to sign in with your google profile. 

In the past, this would result in me jumping back and forth between the blog's comment section and the blogger sign-in page over and over.  The secret is to not keep your self signed in (see picture below).

Just de-select the "Stay signed in" box under your password.  Don't ask me why, but it works!! 

So far **fingers crossed** I've been able to comment on everyone's blogs again! Hooray!!

If you've stuck around this long thanks! My last question is simple:

Where do you get your furniture to refinish??

The goodwill here SUCKS! I always get so jealous at the super finds people make at their Goodwill!

My go-to source is usually Craigslist, but lately I've been having poor luck.  Either people won't return my e-mails or they tell me to call and schedule a pick-up time then don't answer their phone.  Grr!

I even had a woman last week tell me to meet her at 1:45.  I got out of school early and showed up around 1:15.  She had just sold the desk I was coming to get! WHAT?! Her excuse was "well, you never know if people are going to show up or not."  At least give the chance to show up before you write me off! Needless to say I was furious and there was discussion of kicking her big porcelain fairy.  **No porcelain fairies were harmed**  But joking around about it made me feel a little better!

So, I'm just curious where I should go for furniture and would love to hear all of your secrets!!



  1. Thanks for sharing the info about the trouble with comments. I've been having the same trouble all week! I'm trying your trick and deselected "stay signed in"
    Thank you! Thank you!

  2. Great tips...and my go to lately is CL, too. :)

  3. Great tips!! Did you by chance use my comment page as your example?! The one that says 'everybody loves a comment....,thanks for taking the time to leave one'? I know there are thousands of blogs out there, but that's exactly what mine says with that font and colors!! Haha!!

  4. Thanks so much! This is terrific advice and I've passed it along to a couple of other friends.

    Fingers crossed.

    I don't have a lot of luck on Cl and my Goodwill is also pretty grim. The only second hand store that is really great is one that I find a pain to get to so...

    Anyway, I've found that Thursday nights in my neighbourhood sees a LOT of elderly people putting very cool things our there for garbage pick-up.

  5. I love your green desk - I scored a campaign desk at Goodwill too and also painted it green! Great choice :) I have similar issues with Craigslist - the buying process is beyond frustrating! And I see you are from Nashville! That's where I'm from :) Nice to meet you!

  6. I had that problem but only at Cassie's blog Primative and Proper. it was so weird. I had to leave comments by choosing annonomous. then I 'd send her an email and say, by the way that was my comment. I'm a moron.

    thanks for the help.

    By the way love the green desk. and I would have probably kicked the fiary...just sayin'.

  7. I just changed my settings from embedded to pop up. I have no idea why I did this!!! I have no understanding of most of what you wrote about!!! I guess that I am just flying by the seat of my pants over here!!! I know that you comment on my blog. Has it been difficult?? I don't get a lot of comments and am wondering if it is because it was difficult to do it since I was embedded, whatever that is!!! lol

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog to check out my painted Hepplewhite dresser. I really do enjoy my paint sprayer, and have three more furniture items primed and ready, awaiting paint right now.

    Regarding where I get my furniture, it's been a mixture of places. Craigslist, thrift stores, peddler's malls, and a local furniture consignment store. Regarding thrift stores, think about the areas of town where people might be getting rid of nice stuff. Maybe an area where there are a lot of older people, or where there are well-off people who replace furniture often and can afford to donate instead of sell their older pieces. Also, some thrift stores specialize in certain things, so there may be better thrift stores for you than Goodwill. Good luck!

  9. Awesome desk! I love the color you picked. I also love that you love old and sad furniture like me!! Wohoo!

  10. Love that green desk! Looks great! It reminds me of a more fashionable version of my elementary school teacher desks :)

    Also, great tips about the comments. I had to move mine away from embedded comments, I was missing all the love, haha!

  11. Katie, thanks so much for your comment about my chair! Glad I could crack someone up! ;) Hope you post yours soon! I will stalk you until you do! Ha!

  12. P.s... I HATE those craigslist people who don't respond! How do they expect to sell their craptastic stuff?

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